Order Your eGolf Today!

Order your eGolf today!

Check out the first all electric vehicle from Volkswagen in Canada! Your favourite hatch back is keeping up with the future with the all new 2017 eGolf. BC is only getting a limited number, so order yours soon!


The eGolf is equipped with DC Fast Charging, meaning you go from 0 to 100% real quick. Or if you’d like a real number, you can charge your eGolf in 30-45 minutes! You’ll even recharge as you drive since the battery recuperates a charge from energy released from putting on the brakes. Thanks to this tech, you can cruise for 201 kilometers before you need to plug back in.
VW eGolf



You don’t have to trade off the excitement of driving a Golf for the benefits of an electric engine. The eGolf only takes 9.6 seconds to go from 0-100 km/h thanks to a 100kW 134 hp engine. You can adjust the efficiency of the engine with the push of a button, switch between Normal, Eco, and Eco+ to suit your energy needs.

VW eGolf



The battery tech means less maintenance, no emissions, and total silence while driving. Driving a car has never been so simple. The 9.2″ infotainment system can keep you in control of your music while also keeping you up to date on your car thanks to the “Range 360” tool. But wait, there’s more! You can even tell your eGolf to start warming up the cabin so it’s nice and toasty by the time you get into the driver’s seat. To keep your battery full, this feature uses the energy it’s drawing from the charging plug!



Wondering how much all this costs? The eGolf starts at $36,000 but there are up to $14,000 in environmental rebates through the government!

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