Volkswagen Service Center

White Rock Volkswagen Service Centre in Surrey, BC

Welcome to the auto repair and service center at the White Rock VW dealership in Surrey, BC. At our service center, we offer all of our customer’s competitive prices, convenience, geniune VW parts, and expertise to make sure everyone gets the service they need.

If your Volkswagen needs to be serviced or a repair, our team of experts at White Rock Volkswagen are eager to help you out in any way that they can.

Our Volkswagen Service Center Technicians are the Experts

No one knows how to take care of your new Volkswagen better than the team of certified Volkswagen service technicians here at White Rock VW.  We have all of the right tools and parts to fix your vehicles according to the Volkswagen standards. Plus we take extreme pride in our repair work so your vehicle is fixed accurately and efficiently the first time it comes in.

Basic and Routine Services

Regular visits to see your Volkswagen Certified Technician for maintenance will help ensure the safety, performance, and dependability of your vehicle. Ultimately, help it retain its value and saving you money in the long run.

Oil Changes

Using the right oil that coincides with the requirements of your factory warranty plays a huge part in making sure that your Volkswagen will be running for a longer, safer, time.

Volkswagen has established strict standards to help ensure your car always gets the high quality, synthetic, oil it deserves. Using the proper oil provides optimal lubrication and protection for your vehicle, even if it’s under extreme weather conditions.

Brake Check & Replacement

Being able to stop your car is one of the most important safety features that your car has. If your “check brake light” is glowing on your dashboard, your breaks are slower than normal response time, or your breaks are making noise when you press them down, you need to schedule a service appointment as soon as possible. Making sure that your brakes are properly working and 100% reliable are a top priority when it comes to safety inspections.

When you drive a Volkswagen, your car comes with Genuine Volkswagen Breaks which are engineered specifically for your vehicles model’s size, weight, and handling. To make sure that your Genuine Volkswagens Brakes aren’t at risk of failing, bring it to the Volkswagen break experts at White Rock VW.

Tire Replacement

An important factor in maintaining a safe vehicle is being aware of when you need to replace your tires. How you drive and where you are driving both affects the life of your tires and can cause you to be driving on unsafe tires if you’re not regularly inspecting them.

All Volkswagens come with tires that are specifically matched to your vehicles model’s specific handling and performance required to give you the optimal driving experience. When you’re replacing the tires on your Volkswagen, you need to keep three things in mind:

  1. An incorrect or mismatched tire could contribute to a serious accident.
  2. Mismatching tire types can reduce their grip on the road causing you to have less control.
  3. Only purchase the specified size and type of tire for your Volkswagen. Our certified Volkswagen technicians will be able to assist your not sure what tires you need.

All Volkswagen tires come with a built-in wear indicator that’s evenly spaced around the tire. If the tread on your tire is worn down by 2/32 of an inch, you need to bring in your Volkswagen to replace that tire.

Wheel Alignment

If your steering wheel pulls to one site while driving or if the wheel is vibrating, you may need you have your alignment adjusted. Experts recommend checking the alignment on your Volkswagen every time it comes in for an oil change. This way you’re always being proactive about making sure your car is as safe as possible.

Making sure your Volkswagens wheel are properly aligned make the car safer for you and your passengers, makes your car more fuel efficient and is a great way to save money on costly maintenance issues that could arise in the future.

Battery Replacement

There’s never an ideal place for you to realize you have a dead battery. Luckily, all Volkswagens come with a Genuine Volkswagen Battery that meet strict requirements to make sure each one is the best battery possible. All Volkswagen batteries are engineered to provide more backup amp hours to meet the high electronic needs of vehicles today.

Batteries are challenged during extreme temperatures, both hot and cold. Extreme heat can make the water in a battery evaporate more quickly, which destroys battery cells. While extremely cold temperatures can cause the battery to freeze and lose a majority of its power.

If you’re having issues with the battery in your Volkswagen or are looking to be proactive for the upcoming summer or winter months, contact a Volkswagen technician at White Rock VW today.

Wiper Blade Replacement

Replacing your Volkswagen wipers is often a repair that goes overlooked by most drivers. All wiper blades on Volkswagens should be checked or replaced every 10,000 KM. By doing so, you vastly improve your safety and visibility during inclement weather.

Made out of a special rubber compound that counterattacks heat, road chemicals, and ultraviolet rays, Volkswagen windshield wipers are designed to fit perfect to the curvature of your Volkswagens windshield. See our service consultants to find out which wiper blades are perfect for your Volkswagen.

Air Filter Replacement

The air filter in your Volkswagen is essential for keeping dust, pollen, and bugs from reaching the inside of your vehicles. By replacing the air filter periodically you:

  • Boost your car’s fuel economy
  • Keeps bugs and dust from getting into the engine
  • Keeps the engine’s internal components clean
  • Lessens typical wear and tear on the car over time
  • Reduces emissions harmful to the environment

If you notice your engine isn’t running smoothly, including uneven running and increased idling speeds. Refer to your owner’s manual to see which filter you need, or contact one of our service technicians.

Why Have Your Volkswagen Serviced at White Rock?

Drive Home Happy Guarantee

At White Rock Volkswagen, we do our very best to ensure your vehicle is fixed right the first time. If however for any reason this does not happen, we will pick up your vehicle or provide a replacement, correct the problem, clean it inside and out and return it to you, no questions asked. In addition to this, to compensate you for any inconvenience, your next oil change is on us.

Money Back Best Price Tire Guarantee

We will match or beat any other dealership or independent tire and parts suppliers price, giving you the best price – guaranteed. Bring us an estimate or invoice from another store including mount and balance from any other company in our area, it’s that simple! If we cannot meet or beat the price, dinner’s on us at The Keg Steakhouse (a $100 value gift card).

The Guest Experience

We will go above and beyond to ensure your service centre experience is second to none at White Rock Volkswagen. We offer complimentary in-store internet Wi-Fi, coffee, tea, magazines, television and newspapers in our Client Lounge.

Complimentary vehicle wash with every service visit

Part of our mandate to offer you the best service experience is to ensure you are completely satisfied with your visit. We offer a complimentary vehicle hand wash and vacuum with every service visit, every time.